Wavedash Demonstration · Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 【スマブラSP】


Wavedash Demonstration · Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 【スマブラSP】

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「Wavedash Demonstration · Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 【スマブラSP】」(2:18)




  • Anyone saying this isn’t useful is out of their mind, and a lot of the comments remind me of the early days of perfect pivoting in Smash 4. “Too situational” they said. “Just dash back” they said. Fast forward to 2018 and look where we are. Come back to this comment later: A *lot* of utility is going to appear for Ultimate’s wavedashes.
  • Sakurai be like
    “Woopsy! Day 1 patch”
  • You should have inputed a tilt or smash attack after wavedashing to show if it’s actually useful
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    Wavedash Demonstration with Dark Samus… She has probably the best WD IMO · Subscribe for more! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_OLsb_ltM1Bo408UzjKO7Q?sub_confirmation=1

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